Children Need Families (CNF)

O.U.R. Founder Timothy Ballard and his wife, Katherine, started the process of adopting two children from Haiti after Tim, the O.U.R. Ops Team, and Haitian law enforcement rescued them from an illicit “orphanage” there.

Months into the adoption process, Katherine felt pulled, impressed, to help more children unite sooner (rather than later) with their adoptive families. She knew first-hand how these waiting children and families were separated not only by distance, but by expenses, government approvals, legal fees, and forms. She and Tim knew very well how tedious the “wait” was--up to three years for them and others.

Children Need Families (CNF) foundation was created almost overnight in response to this tremendous need and Katherine’s prompting.

Children who live outside of a family structure can be subject to increased vulnerabilities. Therefore, CNF is a preventative project of O.U.R. to further combat the exploitation of children by helping them to find a stable and healthy environment for growth. In alignment with O.U.R., CNF funds adoptions from many of the same countries that O.U.R. conducts operations and rescue missions. However, children within the CNF program are not necessarily survivors of human trafficking and exploitation.

To date, Children Need Families has assisted over 100 families in the process of their adoptions, resulting in 150 children receiving the opportunity of a forever home. O.U.R. is excited to see this program expand and flourish, giving children and families a new opportunity of hope.

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