Law Enforcement

OUR Rescue is grateful to support law enforcement throughout the world in their efforts to end human trafficking in all its forms!⁠

One young survivor, who had been groomed through Facebook and then trafficked, told our Aftercare Team:

“I was a lost girl and police officers came for me. I want to take those tools and learn those skills and go in to rescue other lost girls . . . that’s what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

Highlighted below are a few phrases commonly associated with law enforcement that illustrate the values we appreciate in, and share with, the dedicated men and women of law enforcement who sacrifice to protect the vulnerable:

NOT ON OUR WATCH - Being on "watch" means making sure no harm comes to those for whom you have responsibility. Not on our watch illustrates law enforcement officers who do their best ensure that the vulnerable are protected from harm while they are on duty.

WE HAVE YOUR SIX - Imagine you’re standing in the center of a giant clock. Directly in front of you, you can see 12. If you glance to your left, you can see 9. Glance to your right, and you can see 3. But you can’t see 6 because it’s behind you. Your back, the 6 o’clock position, is where you’re most vulnerable. So having someone's six means having their back, watching out for them. Our brave law enforcement partners literally watch each other’s backs as they go into harm’s way to protect and save the vulnerable.

FIAT JUSTITIA - Latin for "Let justice be done." Protecting and rescuing the vulnerable often, and ideally, includes arresting the offenders and turning them over to the courts for prosecution, preventing them from repeating their crimes with additional victims.

Thin Blue Line - The thin blue line is widely recognized as a symbol of the role law enforcement plays in keeping the peace in society. We appreciate those law enforcement officers who hold the line and use their skills and training to bring freedom to the exploited.

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