Native American Medicine Wheel Earrings


Medicine Wheel Beaded Earrings crafted by skilled artisans of the Ute Native American Tribe.

Embodying the essence of tradition and spiritual significance, these exquisite earrings feature a mesmerizing design inspired by the sacred Medicine Wheel, a symbol deeply rooted in Native American culture. Available in the traditional white color or turquoise beading.

The Medicine Wheel, also known as the Sacred Hoop, symbolizes the Circle of Life.  The Medicine Wheel is a symbol of hope — a movement toward healing for those who seek it. Our connection to the land and Mother Earth can directly affect our spiritual well-being, which will then affect our physical health, our emotional health, and our mental health as well. All attributes of the medicine wheel are connected and we, as people, are all equal. So, all nations of the earth are equally connected to the creator.

Different nations have different medicine wheel teachings, according to their stories, values, and beliefs. So, there is not just one perfect medicine wheel.

Sterling silver ear wires. 2" drop length.

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