For the One

For OUR Rescue, our mission is always “For The One.” It means that relieving suffering and offering a path towards healing, even if just for one person, can make a positive change.

“Lydia” is from a rural village in Africa and was lured to the Mediterranean with promises of a well-paying, consistent job as a domestic worker. However, the reality was that she was going to be trafficked by her employer. After escaping the exploitation she was facing, she found herself imprisoned with no hope of getting out or returning home. A member of the OUR Rescue Survivor Care Team discovered her situation and worked with local authorities to help her get released. She safely traveled home and reunited with her family. Lydia is now enrolled in business training classes in preparation to open her own shop. She is working towards her goal of running a successful business, while also participating in activities for healing from her trauma.

Recently, Lydia reached out to OUR Rescue Survivor Care with news of being afflicted with malaria. She was near death and rushed to the hospital. The fee for her treatment came to be $144 USD, funds she did not have. OUR Rescue immediately covered the cost and has also provided a mosquito net to prevent reinfection. Lydia's life was saved by $144 and she has returned home to continue recovering. OUR Rescue is proud to walk beside strong, resilient survivors such as Lydia as they overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

Making a difference always begins with the one. Thank you for your support that allows OUR Rescue to continue this work.

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