Break the Chain Wristband

$1.50 $3.00

1 +1 = . . . 12?

  • You buy 2 wristbands = we provide hotline wristbands for 12 domestic migrant workers at risk for being trafficked and exploited.
  • Yellow/black or black/yellow Break the Chain wristbands catch the eye and start conversations.
  • Soft silicone is so comfortable you forget your wearing it.
To sum up: For every pair of silicone O.U.R. bracelets purchased, we will provide a hotline bracelet to 12 migrant domestic workers who are at risk of being trafficked and exploited.

Your purchase supports our mission to end child sex trafficking.

Find out more about Break the Chain.

Throughout the world, women leave their homes in good faith and travel to other countries for employment that turns out to be fraudulent. These fraudulent agencies often withhold the womens’ travel documents and threaten them, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking. O.U.R. works with foreign immigration offices and local governments to create bracelets with a hotline number for help. Given to migrant domestic workers, this bracelet empowers them to know who to call if they are being exploited or trafficked. Help O.U.R. Aftercare and partners provide support to migrant domestic workers and help break the chain of trafficking.

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