Grounds for Restoration Coffee


Whole bean coffee.

Organically grown, fairly-traded, locally roasted. 

  • Café Femenino Guatemalan Medium-Dark Roast coffee: is full-bodied with a rich chocolaty flavor, a toffee-like sweetness, and a bright, pleasant acidity. 12 oz.
  • Café Diego Chavarria Nicaraguan French Roast coffee: We roast this direct trade Estate coffee dark as a French Roast, giving a pleasant smoky taste to its mild caramel sweetness and citrus notes. The beans are grown at high altitudes in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua and wet processed. 12 oz.
  • New Life for Survivors coffee blend has a spicy-cinnamon, slightly sweet aroma, and offers a complex, nutty taste with good body and a wonderful aftertaste. This is sophisticated coffee! No surprise, given the Ethiopian, Latin American, and Indonesian coffees that make up the blend. 12 oz.
  • Café Femenino Sumatran Dark Roast coffee has a fruity, sweet, vanilla aroma. The cup is rich and smooth, and brings hints of black cherry and cocoa. It makes an outstanding Cold Brew! 12 oz.
  • 100% of profits of this coffee go to anti-trafficking and restoration efforts. 

Your purchase supports our mission to end child sex trafficking.

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