Leaf Design Clay Earrings


A beautiful and meaningful accessory handcrafted by survivors of sex trafficking through the organization Wings of Refuge.

  • Survivor made
  • Each pair of earrings is made with care and attention to detail, featuring a unique leaf design that is both delicate and eye-catching. The earrings are made from high-quality clay and are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear throughout the day.
  • What sets these earrings apart is the incredible story behind them. They are made by women who are rebuilding their lives with the help of Wings of Refuge. By purchasing a pair of these earrings, you are not only getting a stylish accessory, but also supporting these survivors on their journey toward healing and empowerment.
  • Wings of Refuge is a non-profit organization that provides a safe haven for survivors of sex trafficking, offering them counseling, education, job training, and other resources to help them overcome their experiences and build a brighter future.

Your purchase supports our mission to end child sex trafficking.

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