No. 9 Fragrance Mist


Bring fragrance to your fabrics, home, or body.

Introducing the No. 9 Fragrance Mist, the perfect way to infuse your fabrics, home, and body with a delightful aroma. Crafted with premium ingredients, this mist provides a long-lasting scent that refreshes and revitalizes every aspect of your daily life.

For Fabrics: Lightly spray on curtains, bedding, or upholstery to refresh and deodorize.  

For Home: Mist around your living spaces to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

For Body: Apply directly to your skin for an instant boost of fragrance that lasts all day.

Survivor made. Elevate your environment and embrace the soothing, luxurious scent of our Fragrance Mist. Transform your space and yourself with just a few spritzes!

No. 9 Alluring scent: figs, toaster sugar, and sweet tobacco.

Your purchase supports our mission to end child sex trafficking.

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