Boy in the Green Shirt

In Southeast Asia, police found photos of an unidentified young boy in a green shirt being sexually assaulted. While the authorities identified the offender quickly, they asked for OUR Rescue’s help to identify the boy in the green shirt.

An OUR Rescue Operator went deep undercover to find the boy. He infiltrated the offender's inner-circle and saw first-hand how the offender enticed and abused the boy in the green shirt and other child victims. The offender would befriend a potential victim, encourage him and his family members to pursue acting/modeling, and then use his connections to book casting calls, photoshoots, where he had unsupervised contact with the victim. These were young boys between the ages of 6-10 years old.

With this inside information and tireless digital forensic work, operators matched the original photo with photos of “Simon,” the boy in the green shirt. They used furniture catalogues and splatters on the window frame to find not just Simon, but so much more.

As a result, Simon and 50 other young boys are safe and on a path to healing. To learn more about our operation and rescue efforts, visit

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