Operation Sage's Prayer

The OUR Rescue Ops Team was tipped off about a potential trafficking situation at a bar in Haiti where women were being held. Working with Haitian police, they planned to investigate further.  

Although this is not always the case in trafficking situations, the traffickers locked these women in a back room every night so they could not escape. Every single night, the women huddled together in that room in prayer and hope. They pleaded for someone, anyone, to help them escape their hell. 

These ten women persevered through every day, looking for an opportunity to find freedom. 

When OUR Rescue Operators showed up to help discreetly investigate, one of the girls bravely wrote a note to the undercover operators asking for help. She sensed and hoped they were not there to hurt them. She was right, and plans were immediately made to get them out safely.  

When the rescue operation was in full swing, there was a moment that one of the traffickers saw one last opportunity to exert his power. With a padlock in hand, he ran to try and trap some of the girls in the back room as they gathered their belongings. Aftercare team member Jessica Mass saw his plan and immediately sprinted to intervene. She wrestled the padlock out of his hands, leaving enough time for the girls to escape. All ten girls made it to freedom safely.  

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