OUR Rescue K9s

What would you call a law enforcement team member specially trained to locate digital evidence others could miss in trafficking investigations, that also had a special gift for calming and comforting child survivors during forensic interviews?

At OUR Rescue, we call that team member an ESD (electronic storage device) detection K9--and a survivor’s best friend!

OUR Rescue collaborates with Todd Jordan and Jordan Detective K9 to train Labrador retrievers to recognize the unique chemical scent of electronic storage devices, such as USB drives, hard drives and SIM cards often used to store child sexual abuse material (CSAM). These small storage devices are easily hidden by predators and can be difficult for human investigators to find during searches. The ESD detection K9’s ability to locate this type of evidence is immensely helpful in prosecuting offenders and identifying survivors.

Since 2017, OUR Rescue. has donated dozens of Labrador retrievers to be trained with Jordan Detective K9 and then deployed with law enforcement teams fighting human trafficking in the U.S.

We are grateful for OUR Rescue K9s, their trainers and handlers, and their work to end child sex trafficking!

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