Break the Chain

In an aftercare home in South America, the babies’ birthdays are special days. Hours are spent decorating the home and preparing food for the party. The afternoon is spent dancing and laughing, and the party always includes a cake and a piñata. This is not only a celebration for the babies, but also a celebration for the girls as they celebrate another year of being a mother.Some of the girls become moms at ages as young as eleven or twelve. Even though these little girls have had to grow up so fast, they are determined to be the best moms possible because they know what it is like to not have a loving family, and they are determined to love and care for their babies in ways they were not cared for themselves.No girl should have to be a mom at such a young age, but each of these young girls has embraced motherhood with love and works incredibly hard to give her babies the best lives possible.These brave survivors are on a path to healing, working hard to provide a life for their children free of exploitation. Or in other words, to break the chain.To BREAK THE CHAIN of human trafficking can mean something different for each survivor. At OUR Rescue, we fight for a world where everyone can be free from the cycle of exploitation and reach their hopes and dreams.

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