"What's a sticker?"

Human trafficking is a large-scale problem that requires large-scale solutions. OUR Rescue implements bold approaches to bring freedom to victims of sex trafficking.

“Intervention is a necessity. They must not be forgotten. And each day that goes by is another day they have to endure.” - undercover OUR Rescue Operator

A few years ago, OUR Rescue Operators helped rescue three young survivors in Central America. The two sisters and brother were placed in a safe aftercare home that OUR Rescue collaborates with. When our team visited to follow up with these survivors, they all sat down for a coloring activity. When everyone was done, the aftercare staff told the children they would receive a sticker for completing their coloring page. The two sisters paused and then asked, “Wait. What’s a sticker?”⁠

⁠A few other girls were surprised by their question and responded, “You don’t know what a sticker is? They are so cool! It’s this piece of paper that’s sticky with a fun design, and you can stick it on things!” It was very endearing to hear these young children explain what a sticker is in their own words. ⁠

When the two sisters got their very first sticker, they were elated. The little group was excited to see the sisters’ reactions and happily placed stickers on one other. It was a very sweet moment, witnessing two little girls experience a simple, childhood novelty for their first time.⁠

Thank you for joining the fight against child sex trafficking with OUR Rescue today. With you, we can help children experience the childhood they deserve.